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Welcome to the DESCENDANTS website. This is the home site for the "Descendants: Vampire Chronicles" series and the "Descendants: Forgotten Blood series." Currently there are three books published, "Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: A New Species" is the first novel of the Vampire Chronicles series and "Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: Vampires of the Nile" is the second novel."A Vampire's Book of Knowledge" is the first release in the Forgotten Blood series, though it is not a novel. "A New Species" is available in print from Barnes and Noble and from most e-book retailers including,, Apple iTunes, Sony eBook store, Kobo, Diesel and Barnes and as an e-book. "A Vampire's Book of Knowledge by Hectar" is available in print from and from the same e-book retailers as "A New Species" as an e-book.

This is an excerpt from "Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: A New Species" It's one of my favorite scenes. Kibwe's sister, Sanaa, made a mistake while experimenting with "changing" someone. She drained most of the woman's blood before bleeding into her victim. What resulted is an abomination. This is from Chapter 17: The Living and the Dead:

The changed ones sat at their small fire until the clan was asleep. They quietly left the camp and raced back for the village. It was easy to find the bloated abomination. She was standing in the center of her village, as she had done before. There were dead hyenas at the edge of the huts, freshly killed. The eleven slowed as they approached the edge of the huts. The bloated woman turned to face them with blazing eyes. Kibwe stopped.

?This won?t be like killing a person. She will be strong, like us. I don?t even know what we will need to do to destroy her. Sefu, do you have your knife with you?? He turned to look at Sefu. Sefu nodded slowly and drew his knife, still staring at the monster that his mate had created.

?The rest of us will try to hold her, you remove her head. Maybe that will work.? Kibwe set his jaw and nodded. The group rushed as one at the woman, she rushed as well, straight at them. Her speed was amazing, but not near what theirs was. Kibwe and Imani split and each grabbed at an arm. All they succeeded in doing was ripping the skin off of the slimy muscle. Zuberi flipped a spear into her chest and tried to flip her down on her back, but the spear simply burst the gas pocket in her body and spewed goo all over him. The spear slipped upward splitting the flesh but did not lift or flip her. She swung her arms and tore gashes across his face. The flesh was ripped down to the bone. Sanaa slid under both their legs and took both Zuberi and the abomination down in a heap. Tendaji pounced on the pile and Asha grabbed at a flailing arm. Sefu jumped in and swung the stone knife with all his might, severing its head cleanly and burying the knife and his hand into the earth. The body flailed harder and threw Asha off of its slick arm. Zuberi slid off the woman?s body and rolled out of the way, while Tendaji tried to keep her flailing legs from kicking him. Kibwe had spun around and now grabbed the severed head. He took the still animate head to the central fire ring.

?Sefu, start severing arms and legs!? Imani shouted as she danced around the flailing appendages, trying to get to Tendaji. Sefu jumped back in and landed with the dirty knife swinging at the shoulder joint. The stone easily slid through the flesh and stopped at the hardened bone. He worked the knife around, trying to find the joint. The other flailing arm reached Tendaji?s head and grabbed him by the hair. As Sefu finally hit the joint, the abomination ripped Tendaji?s hair out of his head, taking chunks of scalp with it. He roared and bit the putrid creature over and over, injecting useless venom into the dead flesh. Sefu threw the still grappling arm to Kibwe and swung the knife at the second shoulder joint. Having found the first one, he easily hit the second and cleanly severed the arm. Sanaa grabbed an ankle and dug her fingers in until she had the bones. She heaved and pulled the corpse out from under Tendaji. As he tumbled out of the way, Sanaa swung the corpse against one of the huts, shattering the delicate building, but leaving the corpse undamaged. Tieno grabbed the other leg and the two pulled them apart, Sanaa ripping the leg she held completely off of the body. The leg still kicked and flexed, but now had little weight behind it. Sanaa threw it across the village center to Kibwe who caught it and threw it in the fire pit. Nuru grabbed the main trunk inside the open gash and got hold of the ribcage. With a swing of the heavy axe, she chopped the remaining leg off of the body. The body she walked with over to the fire pit. Tieno walked to Kibwe and dropped the leg on the pile. The entire group except Tendaji gathered around the pit, covered in rotted flesh and goo. Tendaji was desperately trying to get the taste of the rotted flesh out of his mouth. Kibwe started gathering up wood and sticks to start a fire in the pit. All of the body parts still moved, but without direction or purpose. The head worked its jaws and the eyes followed the activities around it. When there was enough wood to make a large fire, Ekwan lit it. The fire flared and the sticks caught making a large, hot fire. The material from the demolished hut was thrown on and the dry grass drove the flames even higher. The body parts began to char and shudder. Kibwe kicked the head into the fire and her eyes widened in horror as the flames consumed her hair and began to char the flesh of her face.

~~~~ © J.A. Laughlin 2009

This is an excerpt from "Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: Vampires of the Nile" This is the first part of Chapter 9: Ferocity of the Heart. If you remember Sefu from the first book, you will find this section... interesting.

Ferocity of the Heart:
Sefu ran with the rest of the Vim-Pyr, but his heart was screaming for him to rid the land of the invaders that had killed so many of the people he called friends. His loyalty and honor demanded not just their vengeance, but safety for the friends and families of the dead. As the group approached the first village on their way south, he spun in stride and raced back to the north. The others were so preoccupied with finding leaders and friends that they didn?t even notice.

Sefu approached the overtaken village from the south west side. He was hidden by the wall of bodies form the occupants of the village. He knew that if he charged in, he would loose his effectiveness and speed. He decided to start with the still growing line of people entering from the west. He would use their linear formation to do the most damage he could.

He wheeled around the edge of the wall of bodies and raced along the line of invaders, cutting them down with the knife Zuberi had made for him. He held the blade out to the side and raised and lowered it according to the height of the next target. His speed was great enough to carry the knife cleanly through their necks. In his first pass, he turned away from the line at the foot of the slope leading to the desert. He continued to run full speed south along the growing bluff for a minute before turning back to the east to intercept his original approach path. Following the same path, he used the same tactic. In his first pass he had killed three hundred, but this pass was different. The confusion caused by an unseen enemy took the line of travelers? focus off of the village and onto defense. The warrior tribe had taken defensive postures with bodies lowered and weapons raised. The killing was more difficult and Sefu finished his second pass claiming only fifty lives. Changing course and tactic, he cut north across the line of invaders and east down the far side of the lines. His attack was much more effective as the now defenders were facing south ? away from him ? where all the bodies had fallen. He finished his run along the north edge of the line with three hundred seventy bodies behind him. The smell of the blood drove his anger at these people higher and he decided to make another pass, but this time up the middle of the lines of people. With his left hand he drew his old stone knife. Tearing through the lines of people, Sefu slashed as he ran. His two knives dancing independently of each other, each taking lives and leaving behind a rainstorm of blood to soak the ground.

~~~~ © J.A. Laughlin 2012

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